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On a recent trip to Boston Maria and I discovered Soy Candles made out of beer and liquor bottles. We thought what a great idea! Once we got back home to PA we started our next craft

Candles Made From Beer Bottles

There are so many ways to create this type of candle, so we are still in the beginning stages. We wanted to let our customers in on the process, so that you could give us feedback on how to make this craft even better.

Step 1: This seems pretty obvious but we need beer bottles! Specifically one’s with really interesting labels or that are screen printed directly onto the glass.

Step 2: Once we have the desired bottles we need to cut the tops off. This process took some getting use to. To make it easy we purchased a glass cutter. This cutter allows us to score a line all the way around the bottle.

Step 3: Once our score line is made then we take boiling hot water and pour it over the score line, then pour cold water onto the line. This step is repeated until the top of the bottle falls off!

Step 4: After the bottle is broken the edge needs to be sanded down so that no one cuts themselves. This is done with a few different types of sandpaper.

Step 5: Now that the bottle is all ready, next comes the soy wax. We use 100% soy wax and wooden wicks. We want to incorporate popular scents but we also want to create new and interesting scents. One scent we hope our customers like is BEER!!

Step 6: The wax is heated until completely melted and then, as it cools, the fragrance is added and mixed in. Once the wax cools to about 90 degrees it’s poured into the bottles.

Each bottle is different and holds a different scent. If you like a certain scent or want to see bottles from a specific brewery/beer please comment below! We love feedback! If you purchased one of our candles let us know how you liked it!

To Prevent Fire: Burn within sight. Keep away from things that catch fire. Keep away from children & pets. Burn on heat safe surface. For best results, burn until wax melts evening across container, not exceeding 4 hrs. Keep wax pool free of debris. keep wick centered and trim to 1/4″ each time candle is lit. Avoid drafts. Never touch or move a hot candle. Stop burning when 1/2″ of wax remains.


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