To life, love and happiness!


Early September of 2016 we got a custom coaster order for wedding favors. We were thrilled with the order since it was our first custom wedding favor order!  Our customer, Crystal didn’t have a design but she knew what she wanted the coasters to say…” To life, love and happiness!” along with their names and the date.

We began the design process, showed her a couple of different layouts using different fonts.


After finalizing her design we got to work!

A wedding is such an exciting  and memorable time for a couple so we put extreme care into creating our coasters. Going with the smoother tile makes the design transfer a lot easier. With less cracks and texture the words come out crisp and clear. Patience is key when making our coasters.



First we start with adhering the designs to the tiles. Making sure to line the design correctly on to the tile can be tricky. We like to add guide lines or give us extra wiggle room when we create our designs.

Next, we bake the tiles at the lowest temperature possible for 15 minutes. We pull the coasters out and allow up to 24 hours for the tiles to cool and the design to fully adhere to the surface.

Then comes the fun part (by fun I mean my least favorite part) removing the paper! Not only is it the most time consuming but it is also the messiest! I use a dish soap brush, I wet the brush just slightly and brushing in a circular motion and with light pressure the paper will slowly separate from the design. It usually takes 2-3 rounds until all the paper is completely off. Some final touches are needed sometimes if the letters are scrubbed off so we fix them with a little black ink!


Round 1


Round 2

Finally we get to the best part! Once the tiles dry off, we seal the them with a waterproof sealant (2-3 coats). This will keep the design from rubbing off or fading if the coaster gets wet!


The final step is allowing the sealant to completely dry before we glue the cork to the bottom. Like I said before, we like to give the coasters enough drying time in between each step, this ensures that the coasters last as long as possible while looking great.




WE ARE DONE! All that is left is packing and shipping!



We were so happy to hear that Crystal and Jay loved their coasters! It was exactly what they were looking for and it was a true honor to have made them! We wish the couple the best wishes and lifelong happiness! Thank you for your support.




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